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Panzhihua Hanhaihong Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. located in Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, the titanium capital of China. Relying on the rich local mineral resources, combined with its own scientific and technological strength,our enterprise has formed a complete titanium industry chain integrating titanium ore smelting, titanium dioxide production and sales, with products covering titanium concentrate, high titanium slag andtitanium dioxide. The company now has a strong management team, technical team and sales team, and has a complete scientific management system in product production, inspection, warehousing, transportation, sales, customer service and other links. The titanium dioxide produced by us does not contain harmful substances, has low content of heavy metals, and is clean...

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Price adjustment of titanium dioxide powder

The trend of titanium dioxide has been spectacular. Last year, the price of titanium dioxide fell sharply from 20000 yuan/ton to 1400-17500 yuan/ton from the false rise after the mask was released. When everyone was expecting the titanium dioxide to...



The role of titanium dioxide in coatings

As we all know, coatings are users of titanium dioxide, especially Rutile titanium dioxide, which accounts for 58% -60% of the worlds coating industry. The main reason is that titanium dioxide is far superior to other white pigments in all aspects of...

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